If there’s one thing that can make you feel like a new person, it’s a hair update. From a quick, restorative trim of those dead ends to a full-blown style and color change, a visit to the salon can help you head into 2023 refreshed. For cut and color inspiration, here are some of the most anticipated hair trends of 2023.

Best Hairstyles for 2023

2022 saw a resurgence of some of the best ‘90s hairstyles, many of which plan to stick around in 2023. Whether you have long locks, curly tresses, or prefer to keep things short and sweet, these are some of the top hairstyles you should consider.

Long Layers

If you have long hair or are growing out your hair, long layers will allow you to maintain this while removing weight and adding volume and movement. Expect a variety of layer lengths, with the shortest framing the face, followed by another set just above the shoulders. Down the back, feathery layers will give the hair a unique curved shape, rather than one standard length across, so whether you’re wearing your hair up or down, it’ll manage to look stylish.

If a variety of layer lengths seems daunting — perhaps more change than you had in mind or too much of a day-to-day styling commitment — don’t worry. Long layers are flexible; the amount and length variation will ultimately depend on what you’re comfortable with, so chat with your stylist first.

Blunt Bobs

Completely opposite of long layers is the blunt bob, which can vary in length from just under the ears to touching the shoulder and is intentionally cut to one length for a sleek look. Some styling will likely be involved to achieve that look unless you have naturally straight hair that doesn’t frizz, but because bobs are typically short, styling isn’t usually too time intensive.

For those with curly or thick hair, a blunt bob might create too much fullness at the ends, so be mindful of your hair type and texture as you consult with your stylist.


First popular in the ‘70s, then the ‘90s, then the early 2000s, and now in the 2020s, the shag is back, with its minimal maintenance and edgy vibe. This style consists of feathery bangs that graduate into short layers throughout the rest of the shoulder- to- collarbone-length ‘do. It’s suitable for all hair types and textures, and your hair should be in its unstyled, natural state when you get it cut for the best results.


Curtain bangs, curly bangs, wispy bangs, side bangs, baby bangs — this year is about to be more bangin’ than ever. Some may say curtain bangs had their moment in 2022, but others would disagree. The reality is, curtain bangs will be sticking around, with many other fringe variations joining them. Now, hair textures of all kinds can get in on the fun with curly bangs. And baby bangs, while they’ve been around for a few years now, are finally reaching mainstream trendiness. Even side bangs (and the controversial side part) are expected to make a comeback this year after a number of high-profile appearances in 2022.


Mullets and mullet-adjacent hairstyles are beginning to see a resurgence that’ll become even more prominent throughout 2023, as is evident by the popularity of the “mixie,” or a pixie cut with the hair left longer at the base of the neck, à la mullet. Like the pixie, the mixie requires minimal maintenance and styling. In fact, the low-effort, rough look is what drives home the cut’s edgy style. While it’s suitable for all hair types, those with curly or wavy hair will find the most success with this ‘do as this hair texture gives the longer, shaggy pieces natural volume.

The Butterfly Cut

The butterfly cut is essentially a TikTok-famous version of a long-layered cut, although components of it may be used on shorter styles as well. These layers are cut to look extremely feathery, or resembling a butterfly’s wing. If the drama of a butterfly cut seems like too much, you can opt for a butterfly fringe, which is just feathery bangs and face-framing layers.

Best Hair Colors for 2023

Shades of golden brown and copper dominated in 2022, and while they’re certainly on track to do so again in 2023, here’s what else awaits.

Rich Browns

If you’re considering a switch to the dark side, or perhaps making your return to it, just know you have options. Deep, chocolatey brown hues are leading the charge in 2023, but they’re also the perfect foundation for subtle honey highlights or a golden balayage, allowing you to achieve the ever-popular “bronde” look.

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If red hair is on your radar but you aren’t set on taking the plunge yet, ease your way into it by enhancing your brown with red tones. “Chocolate cherry” or “cherry cola” hair is quickly picking up steam for 2023, providing a unique way to change up your look while maintaining your brunette roots.

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Warm Blondes

The shift from cool, icy, ash-toned blonde to honey-gold, beige-toned hues that began in 2022 is just getting started. A warm-blonde balayage can provide brunette bases with a sun-kissed glow that requires minimal upkeep so there’s no scrambling to the salon as roots grow in. For those with an already-blonde foundation, adding this buttery warmth can enhance your hair’s dimension while maintaining a natural look.

Be aware that the warmer and more buttery the color, the more prone your hair will be to brassiness — keep your purple shampoo and conditioner close, and don’t hesitate to reach out to your stylist for an occasional toning refresh.

Ranges of Red

Red hair isn’t going anywhere in 2023, with a range of shades, from cinnamon auburns to strawberry blondes to deep berry tones, ready to challenge copper for the spotlight. Of course, it’ll be pretty hard to unseat the versatile copper and its variety of tones, which make it suitable for all sorts of skin tones and hair textures.

While the look can still appear natural, maintaining your red tresses isn’t as low-maintenance as some of the natural-looking brown and blonde trends can be. This color is known to fade fast, so be prepared to commit to the upkeep.

Whether you’re looking for a bold change or a subtle, low-maintenance tweak, 2023’s color trends give you plenty of options to consider. Remember that your hair’s texture, cut, and daily styling matter when it comes to coloring, as do your skin’s tone and undertones. For example, curly or coily hair can hide a standard balayage, so your colorist will need to approach this process differently than they would a client with straight hair. And while copper is broadly flattering, certain shades and tones pair better with specific skin tones. Treat this as a collaboration with your hair stylist, who can provide insight about the right coloring method and shades of brown, blonde, or red for you.

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