Cultivate your restorative craft.

Unlock the art of healing through touch at PCI Academy's premier Massage Therapy Program. Acquire an in-depth comprehension of the human body and cultivate your proficiency in therapeutic touch. Our curriculum equips you to emerge as a proficient and compassionate Massage Therapist, primed to offer unparalleled services that promote well-being and rejuvenation for your guests. Embark on a transformative journey towards becoming a sought-after professional in the dynamic field of Massage Therapy.

What You'll Learn

At PCI Academy, our comprehensive Massage Therapy Program comprises three essential pillars: theoretical foundation, business acumen, and hands-on practice. Delve into the intricate theories of body mechanics and healing techniques, while gaining invaluable insights into business strategies tailored for success in the wellness industry. Through immersive practical instruction, refine your skills and cultivate the confidence to excel as a professional massage therapist. Join us and experience a holistic approach to Massage Therapy Program education, designed to empower your journey towards a rewarding and prosperous career.

Become a Massage Therapist

  • Start by delving into anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology to familiarize yourself with the various muscles and systems of the body, and how they interact with each other. Then, deepen your knowledge in pathology and develop skills in infection control, injury prevention, and sanitation. Finally, explore the wide world of therapeutic massage, from its health and wellness benefits to its restorative abilities and specialized techniques. You’ll have the required number of theory instruction hours met in no time.

  • Learn how to put together a business plan, and gain experience with retail sales and financial planning. At the same time, you’ll enhance your client-building ability by cultivating your communication, customer service, networking, advertising, and marketing skills. Plus, understand the principles of client retention.

  • Put your fundamental learning and business acumen into practice under the careful supervision and guidance of PCI Academy’s licensed educators. You’ll perform custom massages for your clients that incorporate wellness models like aromatherapy, cold and hot therapy, and hydrotherapy, as well as therapeutic techniques like Swedish massage, clinical massage, myofascial release, lymphatic massage, and more — all to fulfill state requirements for supervised applied practical instruction hours.

What Awaits You

Embark on your journey with our Massage Therapy Program, unlocking a myriad of career opportunities in:

  • Spas and Wellness Centers
  • Chiropractic Office
  • Physical Therapy Clinics
  • Sports Medicine Facilities
  • Hospitals or Rehabilitation Centers
  • Self-Employed
  • Cruise Ships
  • Massage Therapy Educator
  • Geriatric Services
  • Pediatric Services
  • Hospice or Palliative Care
  • Spa Management
  • Product Sales
  • Wellness Coaching and Consulting
  • Continuing Education
  • Massage Therapy Research or Clinical Trial Coordinator

Massage Therapy Program Locations

For specific information about our massage therapy program, including start dates and schedules, curriculum details, and tuition, select your campus.

Ames, IA Campus Iowa City, IA Campus

Financing Your Dream Career

Enrolling in our Massage Therapy program is an investment in your personal and professional growth.


  • Massage Therapy Training Program: $14,388

PCI Academy offers 0% interest on monthly tuition payments. Tuition must be paid in full in order to graduate.


  • Application Fee: $100

Payment is due when you submit your enrollment application.

Financial Aid

Federal financial aid options like Pell Grants and direct loans are available for those who qualify.

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Schedule Options

At PCI Academy, we understand that embarking on your career journey involves significant commitments, both in terms of time and finances. That's why we're dedicated to providing flexible scheduling options tailored to meet you where you are in life. Whether you're transitioning to a second career while balancing family responsibilities, pursuing additional licensing, or seeking expedited completion of your training hours, we're here to support your goals. Join us and discover a program designed to accommodate your unique needs, empowering you to achieve success on your terms.

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Why PCI Academy?

At PCI Academy, our Massage Therapy Program does more than just educate; it’s designed to empower and guide you toward success throughout your journey. You’ll benefit from our extensive support system, which includes:

  • Flexible Schedules
  • Business Training
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Licensure Exam Fee Coverage
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Free Continuing Education

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