Company Marketing, Branding, and Guest Services Lead, Leadership Team

Ames, Iowa City & Plymouth, Iowa & Minnesota

At PCI Academy, our Leadership Team is the driving force behind our commitment to fostering excellence, innovation, and compassion. With unwavering dedication, we mentor our team members, uphold our Core Beliefs, and strive to make a positive impact on all those we encounter. Join us as we embark on a journey of growth, empowerment, and transformative leadership. Our Core Beliefs as a company are: 

  • Our Students are our #1 Guest
  • Bettering our Best
  • Passing it Along
  • Team Culture
  • Living in the Top 20

Zane Dreesman stands as a vibrant figure in the PCI Academy Leadership Team, where he spearheads Marketing, Branding, and Guest Services across the Ames, Iowa City, and Plymouth campuses. As a licensed cosmetologist, esteemed educator, and Redken Color Certified Stylist, Zane exemplifies the pinnacle of professional and academic achievement within the beauty and wellness industry. His journey from an ambitious student to a graduate of the Ames Cosmetology program underscores his deep-rooted connection and commitment to PCI Academy.

Zane's role within the academy transcends the traditional boundaries of his titles, as he is fervently dedicated to enriching the educational and professional journeys of both students and staff. His profound understanding of the technical and theoretical aspects of cosmetology, especially his passion for hair color, positions him as a pivotal asset in driving the academy to industry leadership. Mentored by some of the most renowned figures in the beauty and wellness sector, Zane is passionate about paying forward the wisdom and insights he has accumulated, making a profound impact on those he mentors.

Zane's professional narrative is marked by diversity, having ventured into various corners of the industry from hands-on chair work to education and product distribution. This breadth of experience not only informs his approach to leadership but also enhances the learning environment for PCI students, providing them with a rich tapestry of insights and real-world applications.

Outside of his professional commitments, Zane is a man of many interests; whether delving into the pages of a captivating book, exploring the art of culinary delights in the kitchen, or satiating his wanderlust with travels alongside loved ones, he embraces a balanced and enriched life. These pursuits not only reflect Zane's multifaceted personality but also inspire a culture of curiosity and continuous growth within the PCI community.

PCI Academy prides itself on being more than an educational institution—it is a launchpad for success, innovation, and fulfillment in the dynamic landscape of beauty and wellness. Under the guidance of leaders like Zane, students and staff are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and inspiration to soar to new heights. Join Zane and the vibrant PCI family on a transformative journey where dreams are nurtured, and potentials are unleashed.

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