Massage Educator & Business Coach

Iowa City, Iowa

Teresa Sullivan, a distinguished Massage Therapy Educator and Business Coach at the Iowa City Campus of PCI Academy, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role, enriched by her diverse background in both massage therapy and esthetics. As a licensed Massage Therapist for approximately 20 years and a recent graduate of PCI Academy's Esthetics Program, Teresa’s comprehensive knowledge base and dual licensure significantly enhance her teaching methodology, offering a holistic approach to wellness and beauty education.

In addition to her Massage Therapy and Esthetics licenses, Teresa's qualifications include CNA certification, certification as an Activity Coordinator for Long-Term Care, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art. Her passion for learning and teaching is evident in her enthusiasm for bringing spa experiences into the classroom, where she emphasizes the importance of hands-on learning. Teresa’s belief in the transformative power of education is matched by her commitment to her own growth as both an educator and a learner.

Teresa’s adventurous spirit is showcased through her personal endeavors, notably her four-month backpacking journey across Europe, highlighting her love for travel and exploration. This sense of adventure translates into her professional life, where she constantly seeks to explore new techniques and insights to share with her students.

At PCI Academy, Teresa praises the massage therapy program's strength, particularly its emphasis on 120 hours of practical learning in the spa area classroom. This hands-on approach not only equips students with the necessary skills for success in the beauty industry but also fosters confidence and proficiency in providing exceptional spa experiences.

Teresa’s philosophy centers on the role of beauty and wellness professionals in enhancing the well-being and self-esteem of their clients, underscoring the intrinsic reward of helping others feel good about themselves. Her favorite subject to teach, anatomy, reflects her fascination with the human body and its complexities, further enriching her students' educational experience.

For those aspiring to a career in massage therapy or esthetics, Teresa Sullivan embodies the passion, knowledge, and dedication that PCI Academy offers. Join Teresa and embark on a journey where your education will not only prepare you for a successful career in the beauty and wellness industry but also inspire you to continue exploring, learning, and growing both personally and professionally.

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Teresa Sullivan was chosen to be interviewed by Summit Salon Business Center Co-Founder and Social Media Guru Michael Cole. Watch the interview below!