Massage Educator & Business Coach

Iowa City, Iowa

Teresa Sullivan currently serves at our Iowa City Campus as a Massage Therapy Educator and Business Coach for the Green Team. Teresa received her Massage Therapy license in 2001 and her Esthetics License in 2023; Teresa has received a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art, her CNA Certification, and is a certified Activity Coordinator for LTC. 

Teresa is an extremely passionate and kindhearted educator and service provider, and is absolutely thrilled to share with our students the joys of being dual licensed. Teresa loves being able to bring the entire Spa Experience to our guests and teaching our students how to help their guests achieve not only their skincare and relaxation goals, but also their wellness goals. One of Teresa's favorite parts of being in the Beauty and Wellness Industry is that we are able to help the people we serve feel good about themselves and their lives! One of Teresa's favorite parts about the PCI Massage Therapy Program is the 120 hours that our students spend in the Spa Area Classroom serving their guests and truly building not only their technical skills, but also the business skills they'll need to be successful in their own future Spa Companies and Practices. 

When Teresa isn't working you can find her gardening, baking, making art with her kids, and traveling! Be sure to ask Teresa about the time she spent 4 months backpacking in Europe!

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Teresa Sullivan was chosen to be interviewed by Summit Salon Business Center Co-Founder and Social Media Guru Michael Cole. Watch the interview below!