Leadership Team

Ames, Iowa City & Plymouth, Iowa and Minnesota

Steph is a graduate of Central College where she received her BA and has taken several Summit Salon classes. Since Steph's mother was a stylist, salon own, and beauty academy owner she's grown up not only in the beauty industry, but also in the Summit Community. Steph began her own career in the beauty industry when she joined the PCI Financial Aid and Leadership Team back in 2013. Steph loves to work alongside both our staff and students helping them discover what they are truly capable of as they accomplish their dreams and goals. Steph also loved to dedicate her time learning about and growing her skin leadership and serving others. She enjoys getting to know each person she comes into contact with for who they truly are and how we can serve them to our very best them. When asked why someone should choose PCI, Steph said they should choose PCI because we see each other as family and we truly care about each individual person. When Steph isn't working she loves to spend time with her husband, son, and daughter. She's also passionate about living a healthy life, her faith, and decorating.