Massage & Cosmetology Educator

Ames, Iowa

I have been a massage therapist for 6 years, currently working part-time at Richard Deming Cancer Center at Mercy. I took Mayo Clinics Hospital-Based Massage Therapy course and was inspired to pursue Oncology-based massage therapy. My goal is to challenge others to make a change in the massage therapy world. In the massage therapy course, we cover a lot, I enjoy watching students make connections with the textbook material and relating it to the hands-on work they do. If I had to choose, I would say teaching muscles and the nervous system are my favorite. I am fascinated with anatomy and physiology and the mechanical and physiological effects massage therapy has on the body. I love learning new techniques and how to help specific conditions. I am passionate about the future of massage therapy and have seen it change many lives for the better. It is a career where you never stop learning and become more knowledgeable with every class you take. In total, I have added an additional 200 hours of continuing education and plan on adding many more. Outside of work I enjoy working out (biking, yoga, weight lifting) as well as cooking and trying out new foods with my husband, and spending time outside with our dogs.