Admissions, Business Coach, & Cosmetology Educator

Ames, Iowa

Megan currently serves at our Ames Campus as one of the Career Coaches in our Admissions Office, Business Coach of the Pink Team, and a Cosmetology Educator. Megan received her Cosmetology License in 2015, Educators License in 2017, and became a Redken Color Certified Stylist in 2019. Megan is also a graduate of our Ames Campus. Megan also continues to work behind the chair part time where she practices the business systems and technical skills we teach at PCI Academy!

As a member of our Admissions Team, Megan spends the majority of her time working with our perspective students and helping them select which of our programs works best with their dreams, which of our many schedule options works best for their life, and helping them achieve their career goals! Some of Megan's favorite advice to give to the prospective students she works with is to go with your heart, trust your gut, and most importantly learn! She also loves to share with them that they have the opportunities and freedom to go as far and BIG as they want! If you have any questions about starting your career in the beauty industry or how PCI Academy can help you, you can click on the links below and either email or call our Ames Admissions Team where Megan or one of our other amazing Career Coaches can help you!

When Megan isn't working you can usually find her spending time with her husband, son, and 2 bonus children! Megan also loves to binge watch Friends, shop, and do DIY crafts! Fun fact about Megan: she took French in high school; while she might only remember a few phrases, she'd be more than happy to show off her skills for you!

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