Massage Educator & Business Coach

Ames, Iowa

Mary is a licensed Massage Therapist. Mary serves our Ames Campus as the Business Coach for the Ames Purple Team.

Mary has been apart of the PCI Academy Team for over twenty years and helped to found and grow our Massage Therapy into what it has become today. While Mary may no longer spend time in the Massage Therapy Classroom or Spa Area Classroom, her passion for Massage Therapy still burns bright. As an educator Mary loved to teach every aspect of anatomy and pathology and instilled within her students, and now Team Members, the importance of having an open mind, accepting all people even when their beliefs don’t align with your own, and always find something to laugh about! If you ever get the opportunity to meet Mary or have a conversation with her, you'll see that she spends every moment living out this belief. Mary is one of the kindest, loving, and most authentic people you will ever meet and those who had the blessing to spend time with her can spend hours telling you just how amazing of a person Mary is, how big her heart is, and how warm she is. When we asked Mary why someone should choose PCI Academy and if she had any advice for someone starting out in the Beauty Industry, here's what she had to say: "Never stop learning! Making people happy never stops being rewarding! Making people feel better or look better is a gift. PCI trains the best of the best for successful careers and futures!"

When Mary isn't working she's usually spending time with her grandkids, reading, watching medial shows, or doing something involving speed, whether that riding motorcycles, horses, speed boats, or sky diving!