Company Education Lead & Leadership Team

Ames, Iowa City & Plymouth, Iowa & Minnesota

Marcella is a licensed Cosmetologist and Educator and also a Redken Color Certified Stylist and has her Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peel Certification. Marcella serves all 3 Campuses as the Company Education Lead and member of the PCI Academy Leadership Team. The PCI Academy Leadership Team is dedicated to mentoring the leaders within our company, being innovative, spreading kindness to those we interact with, and being driven while maintaining, upholding, and fostering our Core Beliefs. Our Core Beliefs as a company are: 

  • Our Students are our #1 Guest
  • Bettering our Best
  • Passing it along
  • Team Culture
  • Living in the Top 20
  • Parturient Risus

As the Company Lead of Education, Marcella is a vital part of the PCI Academy Team and has deep impact on each department in the Academy. Marcella spends her time coaching our staff, training, mentoring our Campus Leads, overseeing the educational needs of each Program we offer, coordinates guest speakers, and does just about everything! We couldn't do what we do each and every day without Marcella's leadership, guidance, and wisdom.

Marcella brings over 40 years of experience as a Service Provider and 30 years of experience as a Redken Brand Educator where she worked with Salon Companies across the country teaching them innovative techniques and helped to lead the Redken Corporate Salon Division. During her time as a Redken Brand Educator, Marcella worked alongside some of Redken's greatest National and International Artists onstage during Redken's Symposium, the 5th Avenue Exchange, and during RAC (Redken Artist Connection). While Marcella isn't a graduate of PCI Academy, she is one of the most passionate about what sets us apart as an Educational Company, knowing firsthand the difference these tools can make in a young Service Provider's career and life. Marcella is extremely passionate about the Summit Salon Business Center systems that we utilize and teach in our academies as they are truly what sets us apart and have made a deep impact on her own life, both personally and professionally. Marcella wholeheartedly believes that when you share what you know, others can, and will grow, from any experience or opportunity. When we asked Marcella why someone should choose PCI Academy, here's what she had to say: "Simply, the Summit business opportunities , along with superb technical skills, makes PCI’s students better prepared over other education establishments."

When Marcella isn't working you can find her spending time with her family, especially her grandchildren. Marcella's an avid quilter (ask to see some of her work, she's truly a quilting artist), gardening, reading, cooking, or studying.

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