Guest Services

Plymouth, Minnesota

Lashaunna is a newly licensed Esthetician with over ten years of experience in the customer service and hospitality industry. Lashaunna currently serves at our Plymouth, Minnesota Campus as a member of our amazing Guest Services Team and serves each student and guest that walks through our doors. 

Lashaunna is extremely passionate about passing along the leadership skills and lessons that come through the challenges and adversities that we face each and everyday. She loves to pass along to the the students that facing challenges is a part of each and everyday, but that it's a vital part in the process of being in control of your life and having an impact on the lives of those around you. Lashaunna also loves to learn about people who come different walks of life and about their experiences.

When Lashaunna isn't working she loves to have fun! She enjoys singing karaoke (if you're lucky she might sing you a verse or two), visiting museums, parks, and cooking with her daughters. She also has the hopes to one day travel outside of the counrtry!