Cosmetology Educator & Business Coach

Plymouth, Minnesota

Katie is a graduate of our Plymouth Cosmetology Program and is a licensed Cosmetologist and Educator. Katie serves at our Plymouth Campus as the Cosmetology Fundamentals Educator and Business Coach for the Plymouth Blue Team. As one of our Fundamentals Educators, Katie spends the majority of her time working with our students during the first 12 weeks of their journey here at PCI Academy where they learn the core skills they will utilize throughout their career as well as traditional, modern, and social digital business skills that will help them build their clientele not only at the Academy, but also during their time behind the chair. 

Katie has served on the PCI Academy Team for over ten years and has had several roles within our company. Katie loves to teach and pass along her passion for business and creating an amazing guest experience and goes above and beyond to give our students the strategies for creating a successful and sustainable career in the Beauty Industry. Katie is dedicated to learning the newest techniques and trends. Before settling on a career in Cosmetology Katie wanted to be an artiest or nurse, but ultimately chose this industry because she found it to be the perfect blend of art and care. When we asked Katie why someone should choose PCI Academy, here's what she said: "PCI Academy is unlike any traditional beauty school. From our individualized approach to teaching and facilitation to our business and guest handling training you will be very happy with your experience and level or preparedness for your new career."

When Katie isn't at PCI Academy you can find her being outside with her family as much as possible and loves to bring her kids along with her as she goes hiking, biking, swimming, tubing, and water skiing! 

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