Campus Lead, Cosmetology Educator, & Advanced Practice Esthetics Educator

Plymouth, Minnesota

Kate Manders is a pivotal figure at our Plymouth Campus, embodying the roles of Campus Lead, Cosmetology Educator, Esthetics Educator, Advanced Practice Esthetics Educator, and Business Coach with a remarkable depth of expertise and passion. Licensed as a Cosmetologist, Advanced Practice Esthetician, and Educator, Kate’s credentials are further enhanced by her certifications as a Hydrafacial Connect certified Master and Redken Certified Haircolorist. With her industry experience dating back to 2002, Kate's comprehensive knowledge and dedication have made significant impacts on both students and the beauty and wellness industry alike.

Kate champions the versatility of the beauty and wellness industry, highlighting the myriad of paths one can pursue. Her philosophy centers around the joy of helping people discover their best selves, underscoring the transformative and rewarding nature of beauty services. Kate emphasizes the importance of understanding the business side of beauty, a crucial factor she believes is instrumental in achieving professional success. At PCI, Kate is instrumental in equipping students with the necessary business acumen, ensuring they are well-prepared to thrive in their careers.

At the core of Kate's approach is an unwavering commitment to the guest experience, focusing on building lasting relationships and understanding guests' and students' goals. She excels in recommending comprehensive treatment plans and homecare routines to achieve optimal results, always with a keen eye on the latest trends and advancements in skin repair and beauty services.

Kate’s enthusiasm for continuing education keeps her at the forefront of the industry, a passion she eagerly shares with her students. Her love for all things beauty is all-encompassing, with no service falling outside her interest or expertise. Away from the professional setting, Kate enjoys an active lifestyle filled with family time, boating (always with sunscreen), motorcycle rides, car shows, shopping, and exploring new restaurants. Her open invitation to guests and students to come and say hello reflects her genuine desire to connect and engage with everyone at PCI Academy.

For those drawn to the dynamic fields of cosmetology, esthetics, and advanced practice esthetics, Kate Manders offers not just an education but a holistic journey into the beauty and wellness industry. Join Kate at our Plymouth Campus, where you'll be inspired to explore your passions, master essential business skills, and embark on a successful career path, all while being part of a community that values personal connections and continuous growth.

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