Esthetics & Nail Technology Educator

Iowa City, Iowa

Jo Lampe shines as an Esthetics Educator at our Iowa City Campus, where her dedication to the art and science of skin care and waxing lights the way for aspiring Estheticians. A graduate of Capri College, Jo completed her Esthetics program in 2017 and furthered her expertise with a Nail Technology program in 2018. Her journey in the beauty and wellness industry is marked by a commitment to excellence, having served as a full-time licensed Esthetician and Nail Technician for four years, with notable achievements including ranking in the top 5% for service and retail sales in the last two of those years.

Jo's passion for skin care and waxing goes beyond the surface; she is deeply invested in educating students on proper skin care techniques and the art of providing exceptional service. Her enthusiasm for learning and teaching is paralleled by her appreciation for the unique approaches and creativity each student brings to their practice, truly embodying the personalized nature of the beauty and wellness industry.

Outside the professional realm, Jo finds joy in reading, crafting, playing video games, and cherishing moments with her cat and fiancée. Her approach to creating a vibrant and engaging learning environment is infused with humor, from her “skilled” dance moves to her phenomenal puns, making every lesson not just informative but also delightfully entertaining.

At PCI Academy, Jo values the academy's commitment to continuous improvement, whether it's staying abreast of the latest industry trends or empowering students to reach their professional pinnacle. This dedication to excellence and personal growth makes PCI an ideal place for students to embark on their esthetician journey.

For those passionate about embarking on a career in esthetics, Jo Lampe offers more than just education; she provides inspiration, guidance, and a clear pathway to success in a field that celebrates diversity, creativity, and the joy of making others feel their best. Join Jo at our Iowa City Campus, where your passion for skin care and waxing can flourish into a rewarding career under the mentorship of one of the industry's most enthusiastic and dedicated educators.

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