Guest Services

Ames, Iowa

JC is a graduate of our Ames Massage Therapy Program, is a licensed Massage Therapist, and a member of our Ames Guest Services Team. JC also has her Reiki practitioner certification. Our Guest Services Team is a vital part of the everyday operations within each Campus, we couldn't do what we do without them! They are the first and last person that each of our guests interact with while also helping guide the Guests and students through their time with us and ensuring a smooth visit. We truly believe they are the unsung (and even if they are sung about, it's not nearly enough) heroes of the Salon, Spa, and Academy Experience! 

JC completed the Massage Therapy program here at our Ames Campus in 2023 and now works in and owns her own Massage Therapy where she serves her guests and continues to build her skills as a Massage Therapist and provides therapeutic, relaxation, cupping, guided breathing for anxiety, and Thai Massage. As a Service Provider it is JC's goal to assist each of her guests with total wellness and continues to expand the modalities offered within her Massage Business. It is JC's goal to grow with PCI Academy and eventually become a Massage Therapy Educator once she's completed her two years of experience as a Service Provider. When we asked JC why someone should attend PCI Academy, here's what she had to say: "Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, and helping people achieve that, through Cosmetology, Esthetics, or Massage is so rewarding. PCI has a wonderful kindness culture that is vital to helping people grow within their passion."

When JC isn't working your can find her spending time with her son, singing, or working on her photography skills.