Student Experience Coordinator

Iowa City, Iowa

Hallie has been working in the Customer Service Industry since she was 16 years old. Hallie is currently attend the University of Iowa (go Hawks!) where she's earning her Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science and Sustainability. Hallie currently serves as a part of the Guest Services Team and Student Experience Coordinator at our Iowa City Campus.

One of Hallie's favorite things to do as a member of the Guest Services Team is teach our Student Service Providers the ins and outs of creating an amazing guest experience and how it can increase their guest retention, and eventually their income! Hallie loves watching them as they grow from absolutely terrified of the Front Desk to asking to be up at the desk with her helping serve our guests and enhance their visit. One of Hallie's other favorite things to do is learn from the students about their favorite services, the newest products, and whatever the students are learning about in the Salon Area Classroom and Traditional Classroom. Hallie does a wonderful job of taking the time to get to know each student and how she can help create the best experience for them during their time at PCI Academy.

When Hallie isn't working she loves spending time outside, which includes taking her two cats out to explore (if you ask, she'll probably show you pictures of her cats). She also enjoys staying inside and snuggling up with a good book or creating some art!