Guest Services & Inventory Specialist

Iowa City, Iowa

Candice Madl shines as a beacon of support and service at our Iowa City Campus, where she plays a crucial role as a Guest Services Team Member. Candice and her team are the heartbeats of our daily operations, ensuring both our Student Service Providers and Guests experience seamless and enriching visits. Recognized as the unsung heroes of our Salon, Spa, and Academy Experience, their contributions are fundamental to the positive atmosphere and smooth running of each campus.

Candice's enthusiasm for the beauty and wellness industry springs from its constant evolution and commitment to innovation. She admires the industry's adaptability, its trend-forward approach, and the endless possibilities for self-expression it offers. Beyond her professional life, Candice is a devoted homebody who loves spending quality time with her two cats and fiancée. Whether she's engrossed in writing books, playing board games, gardening, or diving into her latest hyper-fixation, Candice is always eager to learn and explore new horizons.

Her belief in the beauty and wellness industry as a platform for creativity and artistic expression—whether in Esthetics, Cosmetology, Nails, or Massage Therapy—is unwavering. Candice encourages those entering the field to embrace an open mind and the understanding that perfection comes with practice and persistence. Drawing inspiration from Robin Williams, she reminds us that there's always something new to learn, and even mistakes can be the foundation for something wonderful.

At PCI Academy, Candice's passion extends to mentoring students at the front desk, teaching them the art of creating a welcoming atmosphere, enhancing their income potential, and fostering their personal and professional growth. Her interactions with students are not just about imparting knowledge but also about learning from them, staying updated on the latest services and techniques they're mastering on the floor and in the classroom.

Candice's joy in witnessing the transformation and growth of our students into their "Top 20 selves" is a testament to her dedication and love for her role. Her commitment to improving the student experience at PCI Academy, coupled with her enthusiasm for the beauty and wellness industry, makes her an invaluable asset to both our team and the students we serve. Join us at PCI Academy, where individuals like Candice Madl help shape the future of beauty and wellness professionals by providing an environment that nurtures growth, learning, and success.

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