Cosmetology Educator

Ames, Iowa

Introducing Brittany Baires, a dedicated Cosmetology Educator and a shining example of the success that comes from the Ames Cosmetology Program at PCI Academy. With her rich background as a Licensed Cosmetologist and Educator, Brittany brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role, particularly excelling in the art of color corrections and vivids—a testament to her expertise and passion for vibrant transformations.

Before joining the PCI Academy team, Brittany honed her skills and shared her knowledge in previous Salon Companies, spending three years educating fellow stylists. Her proficiency doesn’t stop at color; she’s also adept in hair loss solutions, color theory, and men's cuts, ensuring a well-rounded curriculum for her students. Brittany's enthusiasm for teaching is palpable, especially when it comes to introducing new techniques and demystifying the complexities of color to aspiring Cosmetologists.

Outside the classroom, Brittany finds joy and inspiration in painting, listening to podcasts, and spending quality time with her dog, blending creativity, continuous learning, and companionship in her personal life. Her journey through PCI Academy as a student was transformative, filled with learning and growth in a nurturing environment. Brittany credits this experience for much of her professional development and aims to replicate this positive impact for her students.

Brittany's approach to education in Cosmetology is not just about imparting technical skills but also about fostering a creative and supportive space where students can thrive. Her commitment to excellence and her vibrant spirit make her an invaluable asset to PCI Academy and a guiding light for future cosmetologists.

For those eager to explore the colorful world of Cosmetology, Brittany Baires embodies the perfect blend of expertise, dedication, and inspiration, making the Ames Campus an ideal place to start your journey into the beauty industry. Join Brittany and dive into an enriching environment where creativity meets education, paving your way to a bright and successful career in Cosmetology.

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