Business Coach & Cosmetology Educator

Ames, Iowa

Introducing Brandi McIntosh, a beacon of inspiration and a pillar of knowledge at the Ames Campus, where she enriches the lives of future beauty professionals as a Licensed Cosmetologist, Educator, and Business Coach. With nearly 23 years of experience in the cosmetology industry and a substantial tenure of almost seven years as a cosmetology educator, Brandi’s passion for teaching and empowering students shines brightly. She believes in nurturing their potential, aligning goals and dreams with the steadfast resilience of hard rock, and cultivating their minds like bountiful gardens.

Brandi’s dedication to growth, be it professional, personal, or in skill set, is palpable in her teaching methodology. She thrives on imparting knowledge that serves as the foundation for her students' future growth, fostering an environment where learning and development flourish. Outside the classroom, Brandi’s heart belongs to her three sons, her number one priority. Together, they immerse themselves in sports and adventures, embodying the essence of a tight-knit family unit.

For Brandi, personal time is an opportunity for self-improvement and reflection, often spent enhancing her endurance at the gym. She champions a positive outlook on life, leading by the powerful mantra of "I AM" and underscoring the importance of laughter and joy in achieving a fulfilling journey.

At PCI Academy, Brandi is more than an educator; she’s a living example of the comprehensive growth the academy promises. Beyond teaching skills, she instills in her students the values of growth and determination, essential for success in the dynamic fields of Cosmetology, Esthetics, and Massage Therapy.

Still actively working behind the chair, Brandi continues to directly engage with guests, offering a variety of services, and even venturing into entrepreneurship with her own product and hair extension line. This direct involvement in the industry ensures she brings current, real-world experience into her classroom, blending theoretical knowledge with practical insights.

Brandi McIntosh is not just an educator; she’s a mentor, an innovator, and a source of endless skill and perseverance. For those aspiring to careers in beauty and wellness, she represents the ideal guide on your journey to professional and personal excellence, embodying the spirit of continuous growth and the boundless opportunities at PCI Academy. Join her and discover your true potential in an environment that celebrates learning, innovation, and the power of a positive mindset.

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