Student Experience Coordinator

Ames, Iowa

Autumn Deemer attended Cosmetology School back in 2011, but shifted her career over to caregiving and computer technologies. Autumn currently serves as our Student Experience Coordinator at our Ames Campus.

As the the Student Experience Coordinator Autumn spends her time working with our students to ensure that their time in school goes as smoothly as possible and helps each student with their grades, hours, and schedules along with countless other things. Autumn is extremely passionate about helping the students realize all of the possible options that are out for their careers and then helping them go on to realize and achieve those dreams. Autumn loves to spend as much time as she can to get to know each student on an individual basis and about their ambitions. Autumn's favorite thing about PCI Academy is that the entire Academy and staff strive to provide the best education for all of our students and enjoy making them our #1 priority.

When Autumn isn't working she enjoys riding her motorcycle, spending time on her boat, and being with her husband, children, and granddaughter. Autumn also enjoys spending time pursuing her other passion, which is photography (and we have to say, she's amazing at it!).

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