Ames, Iowa City & Plymouth, Iowa and Minnesota

Angie is a graduate of our Ames Cosmetology Program, licensed Cosmetologist, and licensed Educator. Angie currently serves all 3 Campuses as an Owner, Treasurer, and member of the PCI Academy Leadership Team. The PCI Academy Leadership Team is dedicated to mentoring the leaders within our company, being innovative, spreading kindness to those we interact with, and being driven while maintaining, upholding, and fostering our Core Beliefs. Our Core Beliefs as a company are:

  • Our Students are our #1 Guest
  • Bettering our Best
  • Passing it along
  • Team Culture
  • Living in the Top 20

After graduating from our Cosmetology Program Angie began her career with Finesse Spa Salon in Ames, Iowa, and went on to work behind the chair as a Service Provider for 16 years before transitioning to a leadership role and eventually owner. Angie went on to grow and mentor a group of other Finesse Team Members into leaders within the company and eventually sold her shares of the Salon Company to them. As a leader within both PCI Academy and Finesse, Angie was an integral part of bringing Randy Kunkel and his team (which would eventually go on to become Summit Salon Business Center) into the Salon and Academy. This would lead to PCI Academy becoming the first Beauty Academy to implement and teach these strategies, something Angie was apart of creating, teaching, and passing along. Angie has since spent the last 20+ years consulting Salons, Spa, and Academies with Summit Salon Business Center across the United States and Canada, leaving an immeasurable impact within the beauty industry. Angie's deepest passion is to grow people from where ever they are, learning about growing herself, and putting into play what she's learned. It is Angie's goal is that every learner that attends our Academies has the opportunity to live a better life and to have our guests enjoy their time with us, and feel better about themselves! To this day Angie continues to mentor, coach, and grow leaders both inside and outside of PCI Academy. 

Outside of work Angie loves to be with her family, and spending time with them and her friends are her favorite thing. Angie also enjoys archery, woodworking, and has a wonderful eye for all things decor!