Ames, Iowa City & Plymouth, Iowa and Minnesota

Angie is a graduate of our Ames Campus and has been a stylist for over 40 years and an owner for 23 years. Angie currently serves as an Owner and Treasurer for all 3 campuses. She began her career with Finesse Spa Salon in Ames, Iowa, and worked behind the chair for 16 years before transitioning to a leadership position and eventually an owner. Angie has spent the last 20+ years consulting schools and salons across the United States and Canada and has made a deep impact within the beauty industry. Angie's deepest passion is to grow people from where ever they are, learning about growing herself, and putting into play what she's learned. It is Angie's goal is that every learner that attends our Academies has the opportunity to live a better life and to have our guests enjoy their time with us, and feel better about themselves! Outside of work Angie loves to be with her family, and spending time with them and her friends are her favorite thing. Angie also enjoys archery, woodworking, and has a wonderful eye for all things decor!