The Story of PCI Academy

At PCI Academy, we're more than just a beauty and wellness academy – we're a gateway to realizing your dreams and achieving your goals. Since our inception in 1978, we've been committed to empowering our students with the mindset, skills, and business acumen needed to thrive in the beauty and wellness industry. With a legacy spanning over four decades, we've earned the trust of thousands of professionals who have chosen us as their preferred Beauty Academy.

Our success is rooted in five core beliefs that drive everything we do:

  • The student is our #1 Guest: We prioritize the needs and goal of our students above all else.
  • A team culture: We foster a collaborative environment where everyone is supported and encouraged to succeed.
  • Bettering our best: We continuously strive for excellence and improvement in all aspects of our academy.
  • Living in the Top 20: We aim to be leaders in the industry, setting the standard for quality and innovation.
  • Passing it on: We believe in paying it forward by sharing knowledge, skills, and opportunities with others.

Founded in Ames, Iowa by the Lokken family, our academy was built with a vision to provide not just education, but also the tools for success in the beauty and wellness industry. We became one of the first Redken endorsed schools and pioneered the integration of Summit Salon Business Center curriculum. This commitment to excellence led to the expansion of our flagship location in Ames, as well as the opening of two additional campuses in Plymouth, Minnesota, and Iowa City, Iowa.

Today, we continue to lead the way with innovative curriculum, teaching methods, and services. We embody the principles of learn, earn, and lead every day, and we invite you to join us on this journey of growth and discovery at PCI Academy. Discover how we can help you turn your passion into a rewarding career.


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PCI Academy Staff

Alex Pauly
Cosmetology Educator

Read Alex's Story

Amanda Havon
Student Experience Coordinator

Read Amanda's Story

Amy Heaberlin
Company Curriculum Lead & Massage Therapy Educator

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Anna Dewey
Esthetics Educator

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Angie Torgeson
Leadership Team

Read Angie's Story

Brady Snider
Leadership Team

Read Brady's Story

Brandi McIntosh
Business Coach & Cosmetology Educator

Read Brandi's Story

Brenda Wallace
Campus Lead Educator, Company Admissions Lead, & Leadership Team

Read Brenda's Story

Brittany Baires
Cosmetology Educator

Read Brittany's Story

Candice Madl
Guest Services

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Carson Burrell
Cosmetology Educator

Read Carson's Story

Cayla Jones
Esthetics & Advanced Practice Esthetics Educator

Read Cayla's Story

Crystal Quiroz
Lead Educator, Business Coach, & Esthetics Educator

Read Crystal's Story

Danita Ortega
Guest Services

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DeeAnne Brown
Cosmetology Educator

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Deb Whitmore
Cosmetology Educator

Read Deb's Story

Dede Osoro
Guest Services

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Diane Stewart
Cosmetology Educator

Read Diane's Story

Dondi Erickson
Cosmetology Educator

Read Dondi's Story

Emma Clinton
Financial Aid

Read Emma's Story

Gilbert Valdez
Leadership Team

Read Gilbert's Story

Gillian Willemsen
Esthetics & Advanced Practice Esthetics Educator

Read Gillian's Story

JC Johnson
Guest Services

Read JC's Story

Jenny Fiebelkorn
Financial Aid, Compliance Specialist, & Leadership Team

Read Jenny's Story

Jinah Kha
Cosmetology & Esthetics Educator

Read Jinah's Story

Jo Lampe
Esthetics & Nail Technology Educator

Read Jo's Story

Jordan Jepson
Cosmetology Educator, Business Coach, & Lead Educator

Read Jordan's Story

Julia Andrews
Guest Services & Esthetics Educator-In-Training

Read Julia's Story

Kate Manders
Campus Lead Educator, Business Coach, Cosmetology Educator, & Advanced Practice Esthetics Educator

Read Kate's Story

Katie Ballard
Guest Services & Salon Area Support

Read Katie's Story

Katie Penk
Cosmetology Educator & Business Coach

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Katelynn Janssen
Massage & Esthetics Educator

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Kayleigh Bauer
Guest Services & Cosmetology Educator

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Kristin Keith

Read Kristin's Story

Linda Lohman
Leadership Team & Company Financial Aid Lead

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Lyndsey Hogan-Hiller
Financial Aid

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Madeline England
Esthetics Educator

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Mallory Aitchison
Guest Services Lead

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Marcella Richardson
Company Education Lead & Leadership Team

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Maria Segura
Student Experience Coordinator

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Maricela Ruiz
Student Experience Coordinator

Read Maricela's Story

Mark Navarro
Cosmetology Educator

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Mary Boots
Massage Educator & Business Coach

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Matigann Luehman
Inventory Specialist

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Mayra Guzman
Financial Aid & Esthetics Educator

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Megan Thompson
Admissions & Cosmetology Educator

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Melinda Santineau
Student Experience Coordinator

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Melissa Chaput

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Melissa Finch
Nail Technology Educator

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Michael Cole
Leadership Team

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Michelle Neises
Cosmetology Educator

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Michelle Duncan
Leadership Team & Company Compliance Lead

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Michele Hunt
Esthetics & Advanced Practice Esthetics Educator

Read Michele's Story

Miranda Blanchard
Cosmetology Educator

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Nelia Campbell
Cosmetology Educator

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Olive Phelps-Johnson
Cosmetology Educator

Read Olive's Story

Rhonda Holdaway
Campus Lead Educator, Cosmetology Educator, & Business Coach

Read Rhonda's Story

Ronda Ott
Cosmetology Educator & Business Coach

Read Ronda's Story

Samantha Kellner
Financial Aid

Read Samantha's Story

Sadie Buchta
Massage & Cosmetology Educator

Read Sadie's Story

Sandra Hightower
Cosmetology Educator

Read Sandra's Story

Sandy Timmerman
Student Experience Coordinator

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Sara Strouts
Cosmetology, Esthetics, & Advance Practice Esthetics Educator, Business Coach, & School Manager

Read Sara's Story

Sarah Haberl
Cosmetology Educator, Business Coach, & Admissions

Read Sarah's Story

Shawntel McDonald
Advanced Practice Esthetics Educator, Esthetics Educator, & Business Coach

Read Shawntel's Story

Steph Reasland
Leadership Team

Read Steph's Story

Symone Warford
Esthetics & Advanced Practice Esthetics Educator

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Tamara Sharar
Cosmetology Educator

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Taylor Graham
Inventory Specialist

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Taylor Mendieta
Cosmetology Educator

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Teresa Sullivan
Massage Educator & Business Coach

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Tina Myers
Cosmetology Educator

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Zane Dreesman
Company Marketing, Branding, and Guest Services Lead, Leadership Team

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