The Story of PCI Academy

We provide our students with the mindset, the behaviors, and the business skill set to allow them to love what they do and create the lifestyle of their dreams. We have been doing it best for over 40 years.

Train to be a salon professional in the top 8% of the industry, whether it be cosmetology, esthetics, advanced practice esthetics, nail technology or massage therapy. Our specialty is teaching not only the timeless and cutting edge technical skills but the business skills necessary to prosper in the most beautiful industry in the world.

Today we have three schools, one located in Ames, Iowa, one in Plymouth, MN and our third in Iowa City, Iowa. Founded in Ames, Iowa in 1978 by the Lokken family, PCI Academy expanded to Minnesota in 2002. We became the model for more than 30 schools around the country.  Our third campus opened in Iowa City, Iowa in June of 2019.

Join us in helping make the world a more beautiful place! Our students, graduates and educators never stop growing.

PCI Academy Staff

Amy Heaberlin
Company Curriculum Lead

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Anna Sharar
Salon Area Support

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Angie Torgeson

Read Angie's Story

Autumn Deemer
Student Experience Coordinator

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Avery Smith
Esthetics Educator

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Brady Snider
Owner & Company Admissions Lead

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Brandi McIntosh
Cosmetology Educator

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Brenda Wallace
Lead Educator & Business Coach

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Brittany Baires
Cosmetology Educator

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Candice Madl
Guest Services

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Cassandra Stuckly
Guest Services

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Crystal Greene
Lead Educator & Business Coach

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Coalee Carlson

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Gilbert Valdez

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Hallie Wirth
Student Experience Coordinator

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Heidi Searle
Cosmetology Educator & Business Coach

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Jena Brosam
Financial Aid

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Jenny Fiebelkorn
Financial Aid & Compliance

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Jessica O'Tool
Guest Services

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Jo Lampe
Esthetics Educator

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Jordan Fischer
Cosmetology Educator & Business Coach

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Kate Manders
Lead Educator & Business Coach

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Katelynn Janssen
Massage & Esthetics Educator

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Katie Penk
Cosmetology Educator & Business Coach

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Kayleigh Bauer
Cosmetology Educator

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Kristin Keith

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Krissy Jackson
Esthetics Educator In Training

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Laurel Clark
Cosmetology Educator

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Lillian Jacobus
Guest Services & Inventory Specialist

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Linda Lohman
Owner & Company Financial Aid Lead

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Lisa Jarvis
Cosmetology Educator

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Marcella Richardson
Company Education Lead

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Maria Segura
Lead Educator & Business Coach

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Mary Boots
Massage Educator & Business Coach

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Mary Sievert
Advanced Practice Esthetics Educator & Esthetics Educator In Training

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Mayra Guzman
Cosmetology & Esthetics Educator

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Meeg-wun DesJarlait
Advanced Practice Esthetic Educator & Esthetics Educator

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Megan Thompson
Cosmetology Educator, Business Coach, & Guest Services Lead

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Melinda Santineau
Guest Services

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Michelle Duncan
Owner & Company Compliance Lead

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Michelle Neises
Cosmetology Educator

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Morgan Kroeze
Financial Aid

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Nelia Campbell
Cosmetology Educator

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Niki Lindsey
Esthetics Educator & Business Coach

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Ramean Walczuk
Financial Aid

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Rhonda Holdaway
Lead Educator

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Ronda Ott
Cosmetology Educator & Business Coach

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Sadie Buchta
Massage & Cosmetology Educator

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Sandy Timmerman
Student Experience Coordinator

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Sara Strouts
Cosmetology, Esthetics, & Advance Practice Esthetics Educator & Business Coach

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Samantha Sand
Financial Aid

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Sarah Haberl
Cosmetology Educator, Business Coach, & Admissions

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Shawntel McDonald
Advanced Practice Esthetics Educator & Esthetics Educator

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Shelly Kelly
Cosmetology Educator

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Steph Reasland

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Susan Jensen
Esthetics Educator & Advanced Practice Esthetics Educator

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Tammy Nichols

Read Tammy's Story

Taylor Graham
Inventory Specialist

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Taylor Seward
Cosmetology Educator

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Teresa Sullivan
Massage Educator & Business Coach

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Zane Dreesman
Company Marketing & Branding Lead

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